There are Many Ways to Enjoy Rallis

By the Bottle, By the Multi-Pack, By the Case or By the Tin

  • Ice Pressed ®

    Taste the difference of an olive pressed 20x-30x colder than traditional cold pressed olive oil.

    raw. green. refreshing.

  • Organic, Non-GMO, Heirloom

    In the beautiful sun soaked olive orchards of Southern Greece, organic, non-gmo & heirloom are referred to as "farming".

  • High Polyphenols

    Each bottle of Rallis Olive Oil is loaded with heart loving, naturally occuring polyphenols. you can taste their peppery goodness in each spoonful.

  • Handpicked, Early Harvest

    Our olives are gently handpicked during the early season of the harvest to produce an oil rich in flavour & nutirents.


Creating an award-winning olive oil begins with selecting the best olives. Our olives are sourced from heirloom orchards scattered throughout the sun-soaked lands of Southern Greece.

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Small Batch Production

To ensure quality & freshness, we pick & press our olives within hours of harvesting. Each batch is placed in sealed containers & only opened when we are ready to bottle.

Ice Pressed® Olive Oil

Our olives are pressed a dramatic 20x-30x colder than traditional cold pressed. The result is an oil rich in flavour & body loving polyphenols. You can taste their peppery goodness in each spoonful!

  • Wholesale

    'Looking to add a unique product to your shelves? Setting up a wholesale account is easy!

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  • Private Label

    Private label brands are the new marketing trend. Speak to us today about adding a unqiue olive oil to your brand.

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