We Combine Old World Wisdom with New World Technology to Create a Superior, Award Winning Extra Virgin Olive Oil Rich in Polyphenols & Flavor!

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Hand Selected Olives

Creating the perfect ice pressed® olive oil starts with the perfect olive. Our olives are carefully handpicked at their peak of perfection during the early harvest when nutrients are most dense in the fruit.

Rallis Ice Pressed Olive Oil, Fresh Greek Olive Oil

Pick and Press the Same Day

Picking and pressing our olives on the same day is important for making high-quality olive oil for the following reasons: (1) Freshness: Olives deteriorate quickly after harvesting, affecting the flavor and quality of the oil. Same day pressing captures the freshest flavors. (2) Acidity Levels: Acidity increases as olives age, impacting taste and oil composition. Immediate pressing minimizes acidity for superior extra virgin olive oil. (3) Antioxidant Content: Olives contain antioxidants that degrade over time. Pressing on the same day preserves valuable antioxidants in the oil. (4) Shelf Life: Prompt pressing reduces exposure to oxygen, extending the shelf life of the oil and preventing rancidity. (5) Pressing olives on the same day ensures optimal taste, quality, and health benefits in the resulting olive oil.

Ice Pressed Olive OIl, Thermometer

Pressed 20x -30x Colder

Unlike traditional cold pressed olive oil, our olives are not exposed to heat during production. Our unique process presses the olives so cold that you can actually feel the difference on the maxilation tank between our ice pressed® and cold pressed olive oil.

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Certified Organic, RAW & CLEAN

We take organic farming (or as our ancestors called it "farming") seriously! Our oil is USDA certified organic and raw and clean.

  • Pressing olives at a lower temperature, is considered better for making olive oil because it helps preserve the oil's quality, flavor, and nutritional profile. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Flavor Preservation

    Pressing olives at low temperatures minimizes the oxidation of the olives, preserving the delicate flavors and aromas inherent in the fruit. The lower temperature helps retain the natural fruitiness and complexity of the olives, resulting in a more flavorful oil.

  • Nutrient Retention

    Olive oil contains various beneficial compounds, including vitamins, antioxidants,and polyphenols. Pressing at low temperatures helps retain these nutrients since the process involves minimal heat exposure, which can degrade or destroy them!

  • Low Acidity

    Pressing colder generally produces olive oil with lower acidity levels. Acidity is an important factor in determining the quality and classification of olive oil. Extra virgin olive oil, which is highly prized for its superior taste and health benefits, must have an acidity level below a certain threshold.

  • Preserving Antioxidants

    Antioxidants play a crucial role in protecting the body against free radicals, which can cause cellular damage. Cold-pressing helps preserve the natural antioxidants present in olives, such as tocopherols and phenolic compounds, ensuring that they are retained in the resulting oil.

  • Enhanced Stability

    Olive oil pressed at lower temperatures tends to have better stability and a longer shelf life. Heat exposure during the extraction process can accelerate the degradation of the oil, leading to rancidity and diminished quality

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Ice Pressed® Olive Oil