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Maras Pink Mountain Salt (227 G | 8 oz)

Maras Pink Mountain Salt (227 G | 8 oz)

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Add bountiful flavour to your next meal with hand harvested Maras Pink Mountain Salt from the salt pans of Andes Mts of the Sacred Valley, Maras, Peru. Unlike sea salt which may contain micro-plastics from the ocean, this salt comes from deep within the Andes Mountains and is free of environmental pollutants. It is estimated that the salt supply was formed more than a million years ago when tectonic plate movement buried salt deposits deep beneath mountains. 

The Maras Pink Mountain Salt may be used in cooking, baking and soaking in the tub too!


Pink Mountain Salt from the Maras Salt Mines.

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Store in a cool dark place

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Pink Maras Mountain Salt

Beneficial Salt

A healthy, well-functioning body needs a certain amount of salt to maintain cell function, nerve conduction, digestion, the absorption of nutrients and the proper elimination of waste. The added benefit of pink mountain salt is that is contains trace amounts of body loving minerals.