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Ground Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Beans (57G | 2 oz)

Ground Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Beans (57G | 2 oz)

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This is one of our favourite luxury items in our kitchen! Once you try PURE ground vanilla bean powder, you will never want to consume the store-bought again! Store bought vanilla powder  is  often a combination of dextrose, sugar, and synthetic vanilla powder. 

The care and craftmanship that goes into each bag of vanilla beans is next level! Each bean is hand pollinated. After 10 months, the bean is hand harvested and cured for an additional 6 months. The beans are ground and put in vacuumed sealed containers to maintain freshness. By the end of the process, beans have vanillin contents of anywhere from 1.4%- 2.8%. Some research indicates that vanillin may have antioxidant properties, anti-inflammatory benefits and may be neuroprotective.

Free of sugars, soy, dairy, dextrose, fillers and gluten. 

*Warning - as these beans are jammed packed with flavour, a little goes a long way! When adding to a recipe, use half the recommended amount and then slowly add more as needed. 


Organic, ground vanilla beans.

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Care information

Store in a cool dark place.

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